A Limited and Expansive Binge by Jeff Phillips

Chicago Literati

A friend once commented on my half-hearted hemming and hawing as I considered possibly foregoing an afternoon cup of coffee; “there’s a line in the show Twin Peaks, ‘every day, once a day, give yourself a present.'”

“Present? I like that.” I ordered that cup of coffee.

I had heard of Twin Peaks before, but was still unfamiliar.

“What’s Twin Peaks about?” I asked.

“It’s a crazy show that takes place in the woods.”

That was all I needed to be intrigued and this being 2007, I added the series to my Netflix DVD queue. There was a variety of other titles ahead of it. I almost forgot about it, until one day, two discs arrived.

I had the plan that allowed for 2 DVDs at a time, and each disc had only 3 episodes, but in one night I devoured those first 6 episodes along with a large…

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