Tea Man, Steep! (Short film)

This film was shot in 2010 and finished production in 2016. Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez Written by Eliaz Rodriguez & Jeff Phillips Starring Jeff Phillips, Donny Rodriguez, John Piotrowski & Eliaz Rodriguez

Tea Man sets out to prove to his coffee and wine connoisseur friends that drinking tea has a relevance of its own. 

The Meisner Epiphany (Short film)

Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez Starring Davide Grody, Jeff Phillips, Celia Bell Adapted by Eliaz Rodriguez & Davide Grody Original Sketch/Student Monologue Written by Donny Rodriguez & Jeff Phillips

An eccentric acting instructor guides his pupils through a crash course on the famed Meisner Technique. When he calls upon two of his students to perform an exercise, one actor haphazardly finds the dramatic breakthrough which may lead him to the final act of his unfulfilled career.

Cat Phillips (Cartoon series)

Animated by Garth Morrissey of GDM Originals, voiced and written by Jeff Phillips.

Episode 1: Bad Thoughts

Episode 2: Invitation to Join a Secret Society